Our Catflix Cat Cinema experience is perfect for those who’d like to spend some quality time with some of the most amazing cats in the world while enjoying a film on our big screen. During this experience you’ll get a complimentary soda or hot tea from our standard menu (other drinks can be purchased from our menu at an additional cost), comfy reclining floor lounge seating in our Cat Lounge, a small amount of treats to make fast friends with the cats, and a movie to watch with our adorable rescue cats.

Please keep an eye on the age limits for each individual screening.

Please note that entry to Catflix is $38.50p/p on weekdays and $40p/p on weekends and public holidays.

A Catflix Cat Cinema experience includes:
  • Comfortable reclining floor lounge seating (standard seating available upon request, though the cats don’t respond as well to this)
  • A movie on our big screen
  • Wireless headphones so you can control your own volume and the cats hear nothing but sweet, sweet silence
  • A complimentary soda or hot tea from our standard menu (other drinks can be purchased from our menu at an additional cost)
  • A blanket and very small portion of treats to help attract and woo a cat when your natural charm just isn’t working
Book the entire experience for:
  • A private screening with just you and your group (up to 10 people)
  • A discounted price ($370 instead of $385 off-peak and $385 instead of $400 off-peak)
  • A film of your choice from our database*

Just be sure to select the day/time and tick the “book entire Catmosphere experience” when booking. All the same house rules apply.

*Be sure to let us know what film you want to see when making your group booking but please be advised that for the 4pm screening, films need to be a maximum of 100 minutes (1 hour and 40 minutes) so they don’t overlap with the next screening.

Please note that screenings always run at specific times (4pm and 6pm) and cannot be changed, even with a private booking.

What to expect:
  • When you arrive, you’ll be greeted and guided to your experience
  • The film starts 10 minutes into your experience and cannot be delayed
  • No food can go in with you (drinks can though, so long as the lids stay on)
  • You’ll get a floor lounge seat, a blanket (cats love ’em), and purr-lenty of cats!
  • This experience is the only time the cats get their favourite treats, which you can hand-feed them
  • The Catflix Cat Cinema experience ends when the film does but if you still need more cat interaction, we recommend the regular Cat Experience!
  • This experience takes place in a shared space, unless you have booked it privately
House Rules:
  • When you arrive, you’ll be asked to sanitise your hands and hand sanitser will be made readily available throughout your experience
  • All visitors must remain seated and remain quiet during the movie (the cats will appreciate this so much)
  • Before interacting with the cats, make sure you are listening to your host’s brief introduction. There‘s a few house rules, some good advice, and valuable tips that will help you get the most out of your experience. Even if you’ve visited us before, some things (and behaviours) change on a daily basis, so always give us your ears. Just, you know, not literally.
  • All phones should be on silent and ensure the flash is off when you’re taking photos
  • All drinks are consumed during the experience. They are served with lids and they should remain on at all times to ensure we are complying with council regulations
  • Strictly no food can enter the Cat Lounge during the Catflix Cat Cinema experience

Your dedicated Catflix Host will give you further rules and advice in regards to the cats and their space when you arrive. Be sure to listen carefully because nobody knows these kittens like them and they will set you up for a great experience.

  • Children and babies under 5-years-old are not permitted into the Catflix Cat Cinema experience and children 12 years old and under must be supervised at all times by a paying parent/guardian
  • Individual screenings will have different age limits. Please ensure you are not booking an underage child into a screening as they will not be permitted entry on the night and refunds cannot be given in this instance
  • Experiences cannot be rescheduled with less than 24 hours notice and visitors arriving halfway through their booking will not be allowed to enter, to ensure comfort of cats and other customers. There are no refunds in these instances
  • Catflix Cat Cinema is in our Cat Lounge located on the first floor and is unfortunately not wheelchair accessible

If you are a Companion Card Holder, you can select this option under ‘participants’ when making your booking, and your companion’s visit will be free (with all the same inclusions). Please note that only the person whose photograph and name appear on the card can use the Companion Card. You are required to show your Companion Card when arriving for your booking and if you cannot present your card, you will be charged the full price. The Companion Ticket is not valid unless the cardholder is present.

Please check our FAQs page for more information and rules regarding bookings and visiting Catmosphere. Terms and conditions are defined further in the booking process before submitting payment so be sure to carefully read them.

Our Cat Lounge is livestreamed without sound to our sponsor audience via our website on a password protected page. Please note that these cameras and the livestream may be in operation during your visit with us.