The Kittyland experience is for people aged 5+ who are looking for short bursts of hilarious hijinks and wholesome snuggles with adorable rescue kittens. The youngsters we foster are rescued when they are very young, so are fully socialised, and are all adoptable through our friends at Kitten University.

Though time with the kittens is slightly shorter than with the cats, to allow for ample rest between visitors, they are generally all playful, cuddly, and extremely mischievous. While the Cat Lounge provides a break from reality in a peaceful space, Kittyland offers a distraction from the day-to-day with busy, silly, adorable kittens.

The ages of our kittens range from 8 weeks old — 8 months old. We cannot guarantee the ages of kittens on the day of your booking but you can get a good idea of the kittens we have by checking out our social media pages.

Kittens tend to exert lots of energy in small bursts and then take plenty of naps between (which is why they get lots of breaks between visitors) but it’s our observation that even when they’re a little more lazy during visits, they still tend to want to cuddle up with people because they have been so well socialised from a young age.

Please note that entry to Kittyland is $26p/p on weekdays and $28.50 p/p on weekends, School Holidays and public holidays.

A Kittyland experience includes:
  • 40 minutes with adorable rescue kittens in Kittyland
  • A complimentary soda or hot tea from our standard menu (other drinks can be purchased from our menu at an additional cost)
  • A briefing from one of our dedicated hosts who will help you better interact with the kittens in their space
Book the entire experience for:
  • A private Kittyland experience with just you and your group (allowing up to 5 people)
  • A cost of $125 off-peak and $132.50 on-peak

Just be sure to select the day/time and tick the “book entire Catmopshere experience” when booking. All the same house rules apply.

Note: If you only intend on having 4 people in your group, it will already be private for just your group as the maximum number of people ordinarily is 4 people. Choosing the private experience option will allow for one extra person, bringing the total to 5.

When selecting a private experience for 5 people, you will only be able to add 4 people max to the online booking due to system limitations. You can still bring 5 people on the day of your booking.

Please also note that to ensure our adult/child ratio, only 2 children can be added in one transaction, which unfortunately won’t allow more children in a private experience. So long as the correct adult/child ratio is present on the day, you can bypass this by adding children as adults during the booking process instead.

House Rules:
  • When you arrive, you’ll be asked to sanitise your hands and hand sanitser will be made readily available throughout your experience.
  • Visitors to Kittyland must be aged 5-years-old and over as the noise and energy levels of younger children and babies is often too much for our kittens at such an impressionable age
  • Before interacting with the kittens, make sure you are listening to your host’s brief introduction. There‘s a few house rules, some good advice, and valuable tips that will help you get the most out of your experience. Even if you’ve visited us before, some things (and behaviours) change on a daily basis, so always give us your ears. Just, you know, not literally.
  • The majority of kittens with us are in a critical development period of their life and it’s so important that the interaction they have with people right now is positive and safe. So if you’d like to snuggle with a kitten, you’re welcome to scoop one up if they approach and pop her on your lap, but just be sure to always be sitting down first and if the kitten isn’t into cuddling right now, never restrain her. Let her make her own choices and she’ll be happier for it. Please note that there may be times when individual kittens cannot be picked up and your host will identify these kittens as needed
  • Kittens might not always want to interact or play but the majority will enjoy some gentle pats. If you find that a kitten is not engaging with you, leave them be and see if any others would like to interact. If you’re unsure how to interact with kittens, we have a guide that may help you
  • All of us want the life of cats but for health and safety reasons, no climbing or standing on our furniture, and especially not furniture designed for our kittens. If kittens are on high shelves, it just means they want to be out of reach and are resting in a safe space, so please leave them be so they can continue to enjoy their environment
  • Kittens are less spooked by things than adult cats but to ensure their safety and wellbeing, it’s best to settle in and limit your movements while in Kittyland. We recommend getting bathroom visits out of the way before your booking as going in and out of Kittyland could disrupt the experience for all
  • All phones should be on silent and ensure the flash is off when you’re taking photos
  • All drinks are consumed during the experience. They are served with lids and they should remain on at all times to ensure we are complying with council regulations
  • Strictly no food can enter Kittyland

Your dedicated Kittyland Host will give you further rules and advice in regards to the cats and their space when you arrive. Be sure to listen carefully because nobody knows these kittens like them and they will set you up for a great experience.

This experience takes place in a shared space, unless you have booked it privately.

  • Children and babies under 5-years-old are not permitted into Kittyland and children 12 years old and under must be supervised at all times by a paying parent/guardian
  • There is a maximum of 2 children per adult in any one booking to ensure an enjoyable ratio for cats and visitors
  • Experiences cannot be rescheduled with less than 24 hours notice and visitors arriving halfway through their booking will not be allowed to enter, to ensure comfort of cats and other customers. There are no refunds in these instances
  • Kittyland is located on the ground floor and is accessible to standard-sized wheelchairs

Please check our FAQs page for more information and rules regarding bookings and visiting Catmosphere. Terms and conditions are defined further in the booking process before submitting payment so be sure to carefully read them.

Kittyland is livestreamed without sound to our sponsor audience via our website on a password protected page. Please note that these cameras and the livestream may be in operation during your visit with us.

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