What are sponsorships?

Catmosphere Cat Cafe is Sydney’s original cat cafe and 100% dedicated to supporting rescue cats and kittens. We partner with rescue groups to provide a safe space for displaced cats in need of shelter. Not only do we care for our feline friends, we provide everything for them while they’re with us.

Our mission is to help find homes for cats and kittens needing them, to promote the human-feline bond by ensuring positive interactions, and to help people better understand these amazing, complex beings. We are passionate about giving back and we believe those who visit us are too.

Through our sponsorship programs, you can support our cats and/or our youngsters, receive email updates, have the option to visit twice a month without extra charge and much more! You will also know that your contribution is going towards making a real difference for displaced cats and kittens across Sydney.

Choosing to sponsor both the cats and the youngsters together means you’ll be able to redeem those visits at the same time. So when you email us to book, we can make sure you visit the cats and youngsters back to back provided there’s availability.

Catmosphere Sponsor