Catmosphere Cat Cafe

What is Catmosphere?

Catmosphere Cat Cafe is Sydney’s original cat cafe and 100% dedicated to supporting rescue cats and kittens. We partner with rescue groups to provide a safe space for displaced cats in need of shelter. Not only do we care for our feline friends, we provide everything for them while they’re with us.

Our mission has always been to help find homes for cats and kittens needing them, to promote the human-feline bond by ensuring positive interactions, and to help people better understand these amazing, complex beings. We are passionate about giving back and we believe those who visit us are too.

How has COVID-19 impacted us?

The COVID-19 pandemic is not just dangerous to us all personally but also to all those small businesses in your community that will suffer drastically reduced income because of physical distancing and isolating. We felt the impact of this crisis immediately, with a 90% drop in bookings and then forced to close our doors by the government in an attempt to reduce the spread of this virus even further; something we wholeheartedly agree with but bookings were how we remained financially sustainable.

So how can you help us weather this storm and ensure we’re still here when we all beat this pandemic?


Through our sponsorship programs, you can support our cats and/or kittens, get weekly email updates, have the option to visit twice a month without extra charge, and much more! You will also know that your contribution is going towards making a real difference for displaced cats and kittens across Sydney.

Catmosphere Sponsor
Catmosphere Sponsor

Contribute via GoFundMe

For those who are unable to commit to a recurring payment, or even for those who can and just want to help further, we’ve launched a GoFundMe to help us cover our expected expenses over the next few months.

Visit the GoFundMe.

Purchase a pin

We design our own enamel pins for all those who want to wear their crazy-cat-person status with pride (and who wouldn’t?). Purr-chasing from our online store is a great way to support us from the comfort of your own home. Our pins are unique, high quality, and make excellent gifts (if you can part with them).

Visit the online store here.

Purchase gift cards

If you are staying home, one of the best ways to support Catmosphere is to purchase gift cards so you can redeem them at a later date. You can buy gift cards for specific experiences and know that they never expire. Grab some for yourself or for your family and friends and have everyone feline hopeful that there’ll be some kitty loving in the near future.

Purchase gift cards here.

Know of another way?

Want to support us in some other way? Shoot us an email and let us know.

Please note that we don’t need foster carers for our cats. They are our family, they are well cared for in their home, and it would be very stressful for them to move environment and be separated from their cat friends and human family. Should that home become threatened, we already have plans in place for them where they would be able to stay together in groups.

To everyone who supports us in these tough times, know that we are so grateful. You are helping to save a safe space for people and cats alike in a time when we think we all need it the most.